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23 Fundación reciente

Liverpool 4 – Leicester 1 ….

Chris Stridgen de los campos de Anfield Road (PARA) Página de Facebook nos da su cuenta de juego de ayer …

“Bien, que fue un gran resultado de ayer. Muy buen rendimiento del equipo. Yo estaba en el “buzón” parte de la Ruta de Anny termina esta semana. El ambiente no era demasiado malo, un montón de bromas con los seguidores de Leicester (poco más de la marca escalonada, a veces… Desde luego, piensan que son más grandes y mejores de lo que son una maravilla después de una temporada). There seemed to be a mixture of regulars and what seemed to be first timers in there. One bloke heckled Stewart as soon as he almost made a mistake with his first touch. He was quickly told by a few of us. It’s my first experience in that part of the stand and despite being told the view is terrible, it isn’t. But it is a good job we play most of our football on the deck. I enjoyed it and don’t mind at all that I’m in there again a couple more times this first half of the season.

On to the performance.. brilliant. Lucas was very good thrown on at centre half, apart the mistake and a couple of miss placed passes in a five minute spell in the second half he played really well. Especially for a bloke who hasn’t played in a while.

Henderson. The bloke gets a lot of stick. Yesterday, the shot over the bar aside, I thought he was excellent. More off the ball than on it and that’s the side of his game that normally worries me. He was everywhere. I lost count of the amount of times I said, well in again Jordan.

Lallana. The bloke just gets better and better. Rarely losses the ball. Always seems to find a way out or a pass that we might not have seen when it looks tight. Magic feet. Great goal as well.

Firmino. Another that’s seemingly improving all the time. Played really well again. Two goals to top of a classy energetic high pressing performance.

Mané. More hard work. High energy again. Lovely finish after a good move and a fantastic assist from Sturridge.

Sturridge. Seemed to slow the game down a bit when he picked the ball up. Most on here will know I’m one of his biggest fansButI think he still has a mentality that tells him he has to do it all. When Suarez went that pretty much were we where. Sturridge had to produce some magic to win us games. It isnt like that now. He has to learn to trust others with the ball more and get his head up a little earlier. Not a bad performance from him at all. But needs to look for more than one option more often. There a other lads in that side now who can and will win us the game.

There where other good performance tooMilly did well, Wijnaldum did better than he has.

The best thing was the whole team ethic. High intensity pressing when it was neededBut we didn’t over kill it. Leicester have become a long ball side, we picked that up pretty quickly and for the most part coped with it well. Matip played really well next to Lucas. Attacking wise we were quick and decisive. Rarely did a player look caught in two minds and end up doing nothing with it only for the play to fizzle out. Something we have seen lots and lots in the passed.

I don’t think we should go over the top about this win. I honestly think Leicester will be top half at best this season. But if we continue to play like that and build on itThen people with fears that this will be another 7th position season will be way of the mark. We will be up there. I’m sure of it

Thanks Chris for your thoughts on the game ….. and well done Liverpool FC on an impressive win against the current League Champions.