23 Sylfaen Diweddaraf

Mae Taylor Teulu o Dde Elmsall, Gorllewin Swydd Efrog

Annwyl bawb

Please join us, wrth i ni anfon ein mwyaf dwys, diolch o galon i'r Teulu Taylor y llun yma o'r chwith i'r dde; Allan Taylor, Emmaleigh Taylor, Jamie, Matthew Brookes and Roseann Taylor. What a wonderful family and fantastic gesture in donating nearly £4000 to our charity, in memory of their son Craig Taylor who tragically passed away at his home is South Elmsall/West Yorkshire.

The people in South Elmsall have been most kind and supportive as per the text written by Matt.

You’ll never walk alone Craig, You’ll never walk aloneThe Taylor Family & friends in South Elmsall
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