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Cyfarfod A Legend …. (GB)

Diolch yn fawr i Ryan Neill, yn aelod o'r Fields Of grŵp Anfield Road Facebook ar gyfer anfon e-bost yn dweud wrthym am yr amser y cyfarfu Jamie Carragher a beth mae'n ei olygu iddo ef …..

Cyfarfod â Legend……

Roedd hyn yn bendant yn fy nghof gorau erioed yn mynychu gêm Lerpwl. Roedd ar ddydd Sul 30 Mawrth 2014 v Hotspur Tottenham, ac roedd yn 4-0 buddugoliaeth i'r coch nerthol!!!

I’d just completed a night shift on the railway and only finished work before dinnertime on the Sunday. My mate was picking me up at 12:30 as we had vip tickets for a meal and drinks beforehand. As you can imagine i was shattered but the sheer buzz/excitement carried me through that day.

During halftime after I had been for a ‘tinkleI came out of the gents and who do i bump into?? The great man himself, Jamie Carragher! I was like a giddy little school girl begging him for a photo and this is the result!!!

A great day, a great result and to top it off when I got home and I checked my coupon I’d had a lovely little win aswell.

Thank you Ryan for sharing this great experience with us.