Our Story

Who We Are.

The Motivation Behind 23 Foundation

In 2009 Jamie Carragher, the Vice Captain of Liverpool Football Club, was sat down one day thinking to himself: “What can I do to help the youth of Merseyside in Sport, How can my family and I make a difference in our City?” Jamie Carragher decided the following:

“I have really enjoyed my career to date at Liverpool Football Club and it is now time to do more and more for Charity in the Merseyside area. But how can I help? First of all along with my family and friends we decided to donate all the proceeds from my Testomonial year to Charity. Then after a great deal of consideration I decided that was not enough because I wanted to set up something that would last a lifetime and that is why the 23 Foundation was formed.”

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Primary Aims of 23 Foundation

“The 23 Foundations initial aims were to give local kids in Merseyside a chance to achieve their dreams through local charities, clubs and community initiatives by providing the means to make a difference.” That is whether it be helping local kids recover from illness or helping to provide a framework for achieving their goals! The Merseyside community – of which Jamie Carragher himself is very much a part of – can help develop more confident, well rounded individuals. In giving children a reason to recover from illness or the means to express their talents, we can show them there are many ways to succeed on a personal and career level by being part of a team.

Jamie Carragher explains “Being part of a team and achieving something together is much more satisfying and I know without the help of my team and teams with which I grew up with I would not have become the individual I am today. I want to help as many children as possible to have a better life. If they are suffering from illness we will try to help or, if they need help in sport, we will also try to aid them. The 23 foundation promotes the idea of “we” and “us” because together as a community and with help from people like you reading this, we can accomplish anything.”

The 23 Foundation raises money through the sale of memorabilia, fundraising events and and donations, and now has now developed into an organisation that supports charities, clubs, and young people across the World. The capital investment will never be spent, allowing the interest generated and monies raised to benefit young people for many years to come.

“There is no set idea of exactly where the money will go. Each year we will look at different projects, causes and will then see where the money will be best spent”


Where does the 23 Foundation ultimately want to be Financially?

Jamie Carragher and his wife Nicola kindly decided to donate all the proceeds from Jamie’s Testimonial Game, Gala Black Tie Dinner and Charity Golf Day to the 23 Foundation which offered a huge financial foundation for the charity. With many other initiatives and events running in parallel at the conception stage of the 23 Foundation the initial capital was raised to give the charity a stable financial foundation.

Jamie Carragher explains: “With an initial amount of around £1million, the plan was to use the interest gained to pump £100,000 a year back into the community to assist those in need. We will also supplement those funds on a monthly basis with profits made from sales, events and donations.

All net profits made from the events and activities will be donated to the 23 Foundation, administered by the Community Foundation for Merseyside, registered charity number 1068887


How is the 23 Foundation going to raise the funds to help the communities?

The 23 Foundation has already had lots and lots of enquiries from organisations and people asking for money & support because they genuinely need help! Jamie Carragher has decided that the 23 Foundation will help people on a case by case basis by donating financial assistance, or signed memorabilia, and which can then be auctioned off to raise funds.

Jamie Carragher explains: “The 23 Foundation aims to give local kids in not only in Merseyside, but throughout the UK and Globally in many cases, a chance to achieve their dreams through local charities, clubs and community initiatives by providing the means to make a difference. Whether it be helping them recover from illness or helping to provide a framework for achieving their goals! We will support chosen initiatives and requests by donating memorabilia, offering financial support or helping however we feel necessary to benefit the individuals or organisations

Voluntary sector and community groups will be invited to apply for grants from the 23 Foundation via the Community Foundation for Merseyside and details on the application process are available by contacting us or by visiting the Community Foundation’s website. If you are fundraising for a worthy cause and would like to apply for support from the 23 Foundation please contact us via our contact page.


Summary of work carried out by the 23 Foundation:

  • Supported over 1000 families and children all over the world helping children with cancer, autism and other illnesses and disabilities.
  • Provided financial support to local hospitals with funding for new wards and equipment.
  • Supported communities in the north of England with food bank projects assembling hundreds of food hampers for families in need.
  • Supported families that have children with severe life threatening diseases.
  • Reached out to hundreds of soldiers of our Armed Forces in bases around world.
  • Helped schools and kids in England, Norway, Ireland with his Soccer Schools programmes. This is playing football the Jamie Carragher way, getting kids off the streets, playing sports, keeping fit, playing in team sports and promoting a winning mentality and self improvement.
  • Supported other charities by donating signed memorabilia to help them raise funds respectively. They are; Help for Heroes, Mother Teresa Foundation, British Heart Foundation, Liverpool FC Foundation, The Gandhi Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Marie Curie, Marina Dalglish Foundation, Children in Need, Save The Children, Oxfam, Help The Aged and many others.
  • Helped and supported thousands of people to raise funds for their own charities and in order to treat family members.
  • Supported families & worthy causes from as far afield as Canada, Australia, Singapore, Norway, USA, Sweden, Poland.

& This support continues to happen daily guaranteeing the 23 Foundation continues to make a difference!