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Vennligst støtte Jamie ‘The Jawbreaker’ Greene …..

Bli med Jamie i sin boksing reise!

Jamie ‘the Jawbreaker’ Greene (navnet han har valgt) er en 28 år gammel mann som har Downs syndrom , Perthes sykdom(en tilstand av hoften ) og andre tilstander som bevirker hans rygg-området. Han må bruke spesielle orthapedic sko for å få bena til lik lengde.

Alle som kjenner Jamie vil fortelle deg hva en slags kjærlig sjel han er . Always has a bright outlook on life regardless of what cards he is dealt. From a heart attack scare few years ago, his hip condition, stress fractures and having downs syndrome, you will never see a happier face.

Join Jamie in his boxing journey where he will train from now up to April where he will take on his first ever exhibition bout! He will be training 121 coaching sessions and 2 group classes a week in preparation for April and will train to a strong standard where physically possible. Any parts of training he can not do for health reasons he will train a different area to compensate

As Jamie uses several very worthy local charities himself the money raised will go to areas that Jamie uses and chooses to donate to in the local community …. 100% of the money is going to fantastic charities.

Read Jamie’s story & support him with a donation by clicking here

Jamie Carragher and the team here at the 23 Foundation wish Jamie all the best in his fight ….. and we think you are a real knockout Jamie!!!