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23 Stiftelsen Siste

En melding fra TIL …

The Fields Of Anfield Road (FOR) Facebook-gruppe har frigitt under bekreftelse sin glede i samarbeid med den 23 Foundation.

As detailed in our previous news story, de 23 Foundation are looking forward to an enjoyable and fruitful working relationships with the FOAR.

Here is the statement released by the FOAR today ……

The fields of Anfield Road Facebook page, (now also on Twitter and Instagram), are absolutely delighted to be partnering up with The 23 Foundation.

It’s an honour to be associated with a charity that do so much incredible work for the young people of Liverpool and beyond.

FOAR is a dedicated Liverpool fan page, and with over 20,000 medlemmer, we hope to be able to make more people aware of the great work “Den 23 Foundation” do, as well as helping out in anyway that we can. In promoting memorabillia, and other merchandise, from the website on our page.

Our entire admin team, Sean Spillane, Áisling Dooley Kelly, Sinead Dunleavy, Karen McKay, Simon Merrett, Tony George Marham, Gareth O’Connor, Robert Phillips, Val Yates, Imran Goolamallee, Suzanne Cray, Mark Allcock, Owen Michael Kavanagh, Ken Allen, Peter Stares, Keith Hansard and myself have worked tirelessly to get the page to a level we are proud of.

Working with “Den 23 Foundation” is another step in the right direction and a huge one for us.

We would like to thank Tony Bowden for all of his hard work in setting up connection and liaising between the two groups.

Reading the description of the charity really helped us to make this decision. The values that you hold on working as a team mirror our own. Everything we do we do as a group admin, and a mass of amazing members.

We look forward to an exciting partnership moving forward, and hope to be able to help in any events or promotion that we can do

Chris Stridgen, Admin at FOAR