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23 Fundación reciente

*VENTA * Liverpool 1965 Copa FA camiseta firmada

¿Quieres tome usted una verdadera ganga?

Liverpool ganó por primera vez la Copa FA en 1965, superando a Leeds 2-1 with goals from Roger Hunt & Ian St.John. This was a great Shankly team that showed the passion, spirit and talent Liverpool fans have come to expect over the years.

This shirt is signed by 10 of the winning team that included Liverpool heroes such as the goal scorers, Gordon Milne, Ian Callaghan, Ron Yeats & Tommy Smith to name just a few!

This shirt was on sale for £195 …. and it has now been reduced to just £69.99 + £10 UK Shipping.

This is an absolute bargain, a treasured piece of memorabilia and a true investment too.

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