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23-Soccer-SchoolAs a player Jamie Carragher had a career only most can dream about. Playing 737 games for Liverpool Football Club and winning many trophies eleveates Jamie into Liverpool’s history books as a top professional. Jamie regards the 2005 Champions League Final as his greatest moment in a Liverpool shirt.

Jamie is quick to mention that his wonderful career would have not been possible without the support of his family and excellent coaching througout. The journey from a young boy the age of 7 right through to becoming a professional at 18, Jamie was coached by excellent enthusiastic coaches.

Jamie Carragher Soccer Schools had successfully run on Merseyside for several months. Liverpool Football Club has a huge worldwide fan base which Jamie has supported in numerous ways throughout his career. His generosity, especially with his time and signed memorabilia (in aid of his charity) add to the wonderful legend he has become to all fans.

The natural progression was thus obvious – Jamie and father Philly agreed to extend Carragher Soccer Schools to an International dimension. The first International Soccer School was held at Elverum FC, Norway. As always, Jamie was hands on. Only top coaches vetted by Jamie and Philly are used. The programmes coached are personally discussed and overseen by Jamie and the main objectives of Carragher Soccer Schools must be agreed and accepted by host clubs.

Firstly the schools must be delivered so that all participants enjoy every session. As a professional player with 737 games played, enjoying training and coaching was central to his own success. Secondly, each player on the schools must see some improvement in their skills and technique. This can be achieved by the commitment of skilled, professional coaches experienced in working with young players.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss us delivering specific soccer school coaching in your area, town, school or country.

Jamie wanted to engage with youngsters and provide them similar experiences he had as a young boy starting his journey to stardom.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide high quality coaching of proven benefit to players in today’s society
  • To value each of our staff equally
  • To provide our staff with a working environment within which affective teamwork, where appropriate, and personal group development are actively supported

Quality Objectives

  • Treat players with dignity and respect at all times
  • Provide a safe coaching environment
  • Offer value for money services
  • Encourage teamwork, personal growth and development of all staff continualy